Mobile devices improve traceability and farm efficiency

Horse meat scandal dominating the front pages

Horse meat scandal dominating the front pages (Photo credit: Gene Hunt)

Mobile devices improve traceability and farm efficiency

Today, farms are no exception when it comes to producing, recording, storing and retrieving information. Accurate real-time data ensures traceability and quality of products and efficiency the farm’s operations. However, if the data is misplaced or inaccurate, it can harm the farm, health of consumers and other stakeholders in the food supply chain. Mobile devices improve traceability and efficiency.

Use of portable computers is common in retail and logistics industries because large companies have realized that using software at the point of transaction greatly increases accuracy and lowers cost.

Traceability in the food supply chain starts on the farm

With ever increasing demand for traceability in the food supply chain, farmers are required to log all events that can affect quality and safety of products. Logging those events manually in the back office takes time and introduces risk of errors as wrong data could be assigned to the wrong animal. Mobile devices with appropriate software can prevent these errors.

By using software on mobile devices farmers can enter or review information in the barn or in the field. Collecting information on sport significantly simplifies the process and data accuracy. Because the information is captured in digital form, it can also be easily traced or inspected.

The mobile devices need to be linked with the back-end desktop software so that data is directly transferred to relevant database for further processing or state registries.

The importance of data accuracy

The recent incident with horse-meat in products labelled as beef is a reminder how important the traceability and data accuracy really are in the food supply chain. Best practices used in other industries can be applied to agriculture using the technology we all carry in our pockets.

Transforms help improve accuracy and transparency in the food supply chain. To learn more, read the case study about using mobile devices for farm accounting with Transforms.

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