How can a mobile strategy help you meet business goals?

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In his post “Does Your Organization Have a Mobile Strategy to Accelerate Growth?” Daniel Burrus suggests organizations to take a step back and think deeper about their mobile strategy. He makes a very good and strong point: don’t think just about apps and processes.

Instead, ask yourself, “How can we accelerate growth and gain new competitive advantages using mobility to transform all of our business processes,including how we communicate, how we collaborate, how we innovate, how we train, how we educate, how we sell, how we market, and how we share knowledge?”

We fully agree. Mobile is not just another technology or the new hype. A proper mobile strategy can increase the value you bring to your customers. It can improve the quality of your services and it will certainly lower your operational costs. All this brings value to the shareholders, employees and most importantly your customers.

When you have a strategy, you’ll need also a partner to help you execute it. At Slicksmith we’ll be happy to develop apps that will help you execute your mobile strategy and meet business goals.

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