Grow field sales with real-time data

When field sales people are at the customers they need to have some important information at hand:

  • customer data including previous meeting notes, discount level and similar
  • product information often carried around in bulky paper folders
  • product stock information usually available only in the company’s back-end information system

Traditional field sales process is too slow

If the field sales person carries product information in a folder he needs to search for the right data sheet among the whole product portfolio. In such a scenario the salesperson wastes his and his customer’s time. He also needs to maintain his folder with the most up-to-date data-sheets.

When the customer decides she want to buy they want to know if the product is available, the pricing and the delivery terms. Such information is not available in the salesperson’s magic folder and a call to the back-office is required. This introduces another breakpoint in the sales process and now the salesperson is wasting time of the back-office personnel as well.

Grow field sales with a streamlined process and real-time data

Today, fiel sales people have a far better tool they can use to get more deals closed faster without interrupting the process or their back-office co-workers: a tablet computer.

They can have complete product portfolio and customer related information on the tablet. If they need to check more product information, they can visit the manufacturer website directly during the customer visit.

Moreover, the field force can also check the information available in the back-end system. They can access information like customer discount, latest product pricing and stock levels on the tablet during the customer meeting. In this way, they can provide all necessary information on the spot without calling the headquarter for accurate information.

Our product Transforms enables you to get more sales faster with this modern sales approach. It consist of a mobile client that presents information on the go and an integration server that connects to your existing information system. Grow sales with mobile apps adapted to your business powered by the Transforms framework: contact us.

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