Mobile inventory and asset management for growing companies

Use native app for iOS, Android or Windows Phone for inventory management.

Eliminate retyping data from count sheets during stocktaking. Simply manage inventory on your phone or tablet. Have inventory in the palm of your hand when you take customer’s order.

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Smarter stocktaking with smart phones

Forget pen and paper or expensive barcode scanners. Count inventory with your smartphone: use the same technology as the professional terminals for the price of a pencil and paper.

Built-in barcode reader

Enter data manually or use your phone as a barcode scanner. Count inventory and fixed assets in a simple, fast and reliable way. All required tools are already in your pocket.

Data sync with Excel files

When you finish the stock count, you simply download an Excel file from our web interface. You can then simply import the data into your inventory or accounting software. Save yourself from headaches caused by manually keying in data from the specification sheets.

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