Transforms Overview

Enterprise mobility for the Fortune 5,000,000

Transforms are an enterprise mobile application development platform. They make it easy for you to design cross-platform native mobile applications that streamline your business without programming.

Design the application and use it on Android, Windows Phone and iOS phones and tablets as well as rugged Windows CE terminals. Collect in house and field service data in real-time to quickly respond your customer needs and grow your business.


Transforms tablet screenshotThe business of the future is mobile. Are you up to speed?

Transforms help you run your business from smart phones and tablets. Get a mobile version of your existing business application running on your mobile device in a few hours or even minutes.

Explore how you can set your business in motion.

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You need Transforms if you are

A business owner

Have full control and always know what’s going on with your business even when you’re on the go: check orders, stock levels, view charts…

Empower the workforce with apps that make them more productive. Get your business in motion with Transforms.

Software vendor

Get a mobile version of your application on the market by the end of the week. With Transforms you can quickly design the user interface for smart phones and tablets. The built-in connectors to your back-end system make it easy to capture and display data on mobile devices. And it’s cross-platform out-of-the-box.

ICT solution provider

Quickly create custom mobile solutions for your customers: data collection, inventory management, picking, shipping, label printing and other applications. Transforms are a no programming rapid application development tool that will help you add real value for the customers.

It’s made to accelerate your business.

There’s a number of mobile frameworks that help you make social apps, consumer widgets and the like. At SlickSmith, we’re on a mission to streamline your business. We don’t help you collect likes on Facebook. We’ll help you collect and process orders from your customers. We want to bring you tangible and measurable improvements to your bottom line by minimizing the cost and complexity of your work.

It’s flexible. To make your business more agile.

If you want your business to survive and grow it needs to adapt to changing environment fast. Many business software implementations take so much time before they’re put into use they are outdated on launch day. We designed Transforms differently. You can change the user interface instantly any time you like. You can also change the behaviour of the application in a snap. And it’s not rocket science. Anyone that’s slightly technical can do it.

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