Transforms: how it works

Use any business application on your smart phone or tablet.


  • Increase productivity
    business runs faster if you can move when you work
  • Automate with mobile technology
    scan barcodes, track with GPS…
  • Be more competitive
    decrease operational costs, eliminate human error
  • Get more and happier customers
    spend less time with fulfilment and amdinistrative work

Download now and get your business moving faster.

Transforms tablet screenshot

Design the mobile interface just the way you need it

Transforms Designer enables anyone to design the user interface for the mobile device literally in minutes with ease. The same design can be used on an Android or Windows phone powered phone or tablet. 

  • Point and click design for anyone regardless of computer skills
  • Flexible to fit your business and users
  • No programming knowledge required
  • Specifically built for mobile experience

Start designing your mobile software now

Assign a to-do list to every control


Transforms turns your mobile device into the most loyal and reliable employee. You can assign any button to perform a set of tasks and actions. The application will never forget what needs to be done. Expect nothing less than perfect execution. Click the button and the app will:

  • Display data from your main application
  • Save data captured on the phone into your system
  • Make a calculation or data modification
  • Send a command to other desktop software to perform specific action (e.g. print labels)

Get the phone to execute your to-do list

Increase speed and accuracy

Leverage the technology you already have to improve your business. Large enterprises use expensive and sophisticated handheld computers and scanners to optimize their processes. Now you can use the same technology without the silly price tag. Everything you need is already in your pocket.

  • Use camera to scan barcodes
  • Document by taking photos and archiving them in your system
  • Track field force with GPS

Get more done with less errors effortlessly

Connect mobile devices and desktop applications


Twenty years ago computers changed the way we run businesses. Nowadays smart phones and tablets are taking their role. Mobile devices bring software in direct touch with your assets, products, customers… This lets you run business faster with less errors.

  • Transforms Server bridges the gap between your phone and software
  • Vast connectivity options enable you to connect to any database
  • View and change the data on your mobile screen
  • No need for costly and time consuming custom programming

Bring software to where work gets done

Get the job done

When you’re set it’s time to run the Transforms Client on the mobile device. You simply connect it to the Transforms Server which provides the list of available applications.

  • Manage the applications on the server so all clients always use the right version
  • No need to worry about installing updates on the clients
  • Supports Android and Windows phone devices (iPhone comming soon!)

Get your business moving before your competition does

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