inFlow Inventory on iOS, Android and Windows Phone

We’re launching a mobile interface to inFlow Inventory in January. Check the video below to see what we can do already. More exciting features are coming up soon. Subscribe using the form below and you’ll be the first to know when it’s available.

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Take your inventory management to the next level. Collect and use data on you Android, iOS or Windows phone devices.

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Reduce errors and boost efficiency by turning a phone into a barcode scanner

You don’t need to buy industrial scanners to use barcodes with inFlow. When you are working in inFlow simply click into the field where you want the barcode entered, scan it with the phone and Transforms will magically send the barcode content to the designated field.

Collect orders on the go

Enter new orders on your phone or tablet when you’re at the customer. Transforms is designed to work offline. You can sync the orders with inFlow any time you have access to the internet. Even if you’re not on the company’s network.

inflow inventory iPad and Android


Check inventory, pricing, previous and unpaid orders when you’re at a customer or supplier

Transforms enables you to have access to your real-time inFlow data from anywhere, anytime on any mobile device. Reduce number of backorders and be more profitable by knowing pricing and inventory levels.

Check your dashboard anytime, anywhere

Get insight into your business from your pocket. Transforms shows you how your business is performing and where you need to focus your efforts: into getting or fulfilling more orders.

Call a customer or supplier with one tap

Transforms can host all your customer and supplier contact data. With a fast and powerful search you’ll call your business partners instantly without messing your phone’s address book.


Transforms is customizable by design. We know every business is different. We can customize your application’s look and behavior in minutes at a very reasonable cost. In fact you can even customize it yourself with the Transforms designer.

Transforms is great if you have high staff turnover or seasonal workers. Create the forms with pictograms or detailed instructions so that anyone can use them the first time.

Light server

Transforms is very light on system requirements. You can run it on any computer that runs inFlow. You don’t need to purchase new hardware to make your data available across your network or beyond, outside of your business’s four walls.

No client pricing

Transforms clients for iOS, Android and Windows phone devices are available free of charge. Your employees can use it on their own devices if they wish so.

Works with your other applications

Transforms turns your phone into an interface for almost any business application.

Use inFlow inventory on your phone or tablet

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What processes do you want us to support on mobile?

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